As active cost consultants for over 40 years we understand and respond to the needs of our clients with the most up-to-date information and services.

Prompt, thorough and realistic Construction Services are the foundation of our business.

Taking pride in our work, we strive to provide our clients with the most accurate and cost effective services, meeting their construction needs.

Services Include:

  • Construction Cost Estimates and Scheduling
    • Cost Control Programs
    • Budget Estimates
    • Preliminary Estimates
    • Bid Estimates
    • Asset Evaluation and Replacement Cost Analysis
    • Feasibility Studies and Cost Comparisons
    • Bid Review and Evaluation
    • Change Order Evaluation and Negotiation
    • Construction Scheduling
    • Critical Path Method Analyses
    • Value Engineering Services (Estimates)
    • Quantity Take-Off From Plans And Specifications
    • Confirmation of Project Final Quantities
  • Court and Arbitration Services
    • Evaluation of Terminated or Defaulted Contracts
    • Preparation and Evaluation of Construction Claims
    • Preparation and Presentation of Expert Testimony
  • Value Engineering Support Services (Estimating)
    • Member of S.A.V.E. International
    • Participation in Value Engineering Studies:
      • Hospitals
      • Prisons/Police Precincts
      • Water Treatment & Pollution Control Facilities
      • Bridges & Tunnels
      • Reservoirs
      • Coastal Wetlands Projects
      • Parks & Recreational Facilities
      • Labs
      • Transportation Facilities
      • Courthouses